Want to create an original musical in one afternoon? Join us for the Lovewell Institute for Creative Arts four-hour Intergenerational Workshop. It’s open for anyone between ages 12 and 112. All you need to bring is your creative energy.
What is Lovewell? Theater-loving teenagers around the world know Lovewell means an exciting excursion into creating original musicals. Over more than 25 years Lovewell workshops have generated scores of original musicals that are available for productions.
This summer Lovewell is returning to Short North Stage for its fourth year of bringing out youthful creativity and bonding only the arts can do. For more info visit
You can explore the Lovewell experience in brief on February 4. Even if you feel you don’t have talent, you’ll discover you might be wrong. It’s fun, stimulating and full of joy.
And that evening, learn more about Lovewell with an evening cabaret of songs Lovewell workshops have produced, performed by some of Short North Stage’s favorite artists.

​To see a Lovewell song performed by students in a variety of cities from Columbus to Sweden, click HERE