LG Initiatives presents Bleeding Hearts: The Darker Side of Love—a collection of original theatrical vignettes woven together that examines the destructive power of love. This 90 minute performance piece explores themes of betrayal, jealousy, murder, obsession, and sorrow.
This performance contains mature themes, recommended for audiences 18 and older.
LG Initiative was formed in 2016 as a collaborative between director Elliott Lemberg and choreographer Melissa Gould. With this project, they wanted to explore love’s darker implications, which would serve as the antithesis of traditional Valentine’s Day fare. In “Bleeding Hearts”, Ms. Gould will be choreographing pieces that explore love’s destructive power. Mr. Lemberg will be directing original scenes, written by playwrights Evan Cullinan, Dustin Spence, and James Thomson, that tie into the project’s themes. Ms. Gould and Mr. Lemberg will weave these pieces together to create “Bleeding Hearts”.